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When you are interested in working with some of the top realtors in the Grand Rapids, MI area, there is one real estate agency that you should get in touch with and that’s TJ Homes. At TJ Homes, we see our clients as more than just another customer. We get to know our clients, learn what their passions are, and take note of their real estate dreams. When someone is looking for a home for sale, we know they are looking for more than just an adequate roof over their head. They are looking for a home that provides shelter, a place to make fond memories, and somewhere they can feel safe. Our real estate agents do their best to help everyone find the property of their dreams.

We invite you to learn more about our real estate agency and our top real estate agents. Then, when you are ready to be welcomed into the Grand Rapids, MI community, we can help you find a property for sale that matches your preferences. Get in touch with our top realtors today!

Hi! I’m TJ.

CEO/ Broker/ Realtor

I live my life with the belief that if you take care of others, God takes care of you. With much that is given; much is expected. Others come first. Always. There is no exception.

My father and grandfather were both builders. As the eldest daughter of four, I was always enlisted to help out on construction sites. My dad would say, “Many hands make light work.” So that is what we did. From cleaning up trash in a foot of mud, to laying drain tile, interior painting, or clearing a roof from snow. I was there for it all! I loved it. That was part of my life. I learned the value of work. I graduated from Forest Hills Northern High School in 1997 and graduated Aquinas College in 2001, where I earned a degree in Business. I then thought, “Now what do I do?” For me, it was simple. I combined my affinity for homes with my passion for people. A profession in real estate offered the perfect blend of both worlds.

I began my real estate career in 2002. I have seen every type of market, the good, the bad and the ugly. For me, my passion is to help customers make the best decision for them, whether that is buying or selling, and sometimes the right decision is not to make a move.

My husband Max and I share our lives with our daughters Addison and Natalie. With two young girls, life is never slow and we are always on the go! We are so excited for the adventure of teaching our daughters the character and values that we live by and to raise leaders for the next generation. When not chasing children, I love to unwind by feeling the warmth of the sun and getting outside in my flower garden, painting, reading, pets, working on my aquariums, restoring The Vander Jagt, and even practicing Tae Kwon Do.



After spending over 6 years in the insurance industry, Randi was looking for a new challenge and a way to broaden her skill set. When the opportunity to join the TJ Homes team presented itself, she felt this is exactly the challenge she had been looking for. Randi currently works as Tammy Jo’s assistant but wears multiple hats in the office to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. She loves being a part of a team that thinks outside of the box and works tirelessly for its clients.

Randi graduated from Grand Valley State University (Go Lakers!) and currently resides in Grand Rapids with her two cats, Patch and Forte



Tish Poelman has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Cornerstone University and has been in the service industry for nearly 20 years. She worked as a claims adjuster at Farmers Insurance and then in January of 2018, she obtained her real estate license and began serving both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Her first year in the business, she was named Rookie of the Year which shows her integrity, work ethic, and dedication to our customers.

Tish has been such a blessing to the TJ Homes team. Her integrity and willingness to fight for what is right for our customers and put their best interests first has already made its impression. Our clients love her consistency, effective communication, and straight talk approach in a world that has so much misinformation. Who has time for fluff? With the heart and compassion of a teacher, Tish takes her can-do attitude and combines it with her feisty competitive nature to always bring a “win” for our clients!

For fun, Tish enjoys taking care of her three boys, Bob, the hubby, and their two sons, Landon and Jaxsen. Her almost teenagers always keep her on her toes! For 5 years, Tish’s heart was in roller derby as a blocker and a pivot – her derby name was established quickly as “Violet Tendencies.” So, as you may expect, her favorite color is purple. Imagine how this sport translates to fighting for our customers. She gives it her all!

Michael Wood


Born and raised in Wyoming, Michigan, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else but West Michigan home. My greatest love in life is my beautiful family of 5, and after that comes basketball. In my off time I enjoy spending time at the kids’ sporting events, traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest. I’ve been in real estate sales and marketing for over 15 years and while I’ve seen many changes in the field during that time, the one thing that never changes is the thrill that comes with talking to new people that I meet on the job. I love hearing about clients’ real estate dreams and working with them to help them achieve their goals and those goals are and always will be to serve our clients and community.

Being a member of TJ Homes KW is a trip; I am never bored here; each day is a new opportunity for us to achieve as a team! After all, it really does start with a conversation!

Sam Carpenter


I met my high school sweetheart Tony, 17 years ago and we have been married for 12 years. He is the “yin to my yang”' and we are blessed with two amazing kids, our daughter Jalen (9) and son Graysen (5). From diva to dirt and mud, I have it covered!

But don't let my size fool you; I am “sassy” in a small package. And when the bun is up. I am ready to rock! In every office I have worked in, I am known as the “Firecracker”! I am one for figuring it out, building systems, and taking care of business. In my book, doing it well is not only the right way but the only way. I took this attitude with me for over 10 years working at Farmers Insurance in customer service and as an adjuster and have earned many accolades for my approach.

My sister Tish began nagging me over 3 years ago that my current position in insurance was too limiting, that I needed more room to grow, to be able to get into a business that wasn't limited by pre-written “text” books, but that was of my design and a business that matched my love of customer service. I have to be honest, I was nervous. But, real estate and serving families with TJ Homes has been the perfect fit. Straight talk and coaching from compassion are the ingredients.

So when you get a call from me, "Just to check in :)" don't worry. You know that I am doing what I love, making sure you are taken care of the right way and have all of your real estate questions answered.

It's who I am.



Max has been an integral fixture of TJ Homes in the background, taking care of finances and business planning for nearly half of Tammy Jo’s career. He holds a business degree that helps facilitate operations for the team. Max comes from a long family history of West Michigan entrepreneurs in the sign and graphic arts industry for over 75 years.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Max grew up in the Eastown neighborhood. He is one of seven siblings that live and play right here in this beautiful city of Grand Rapids. Max attended Catholic schools for a good portion of his educational career where that journey instilled a belief that taking care of one’s neighbor is the greatest duty and honor. He is known to say that having a servant’s heart and upbringing has helped in the transition from a corporate setting to the world of real estate.