Our Happy Customers

  • Gemma O'Donnell
    Our experience with TJ Homes was phenomenal. Tammy Jo made this a unique experience for us. She treated us like royalty and ensured every detail was covered. Cindi took us under her wing and patiently met us at every home we wanted to see. She was pleasant, kind, empathetic, and compassionate. They both treated us like the only customers they had. But we know they have many customers. Their admin staff took very good care of us and were quick to respond to us, they sent us emails very timely. This was the best experience we ever had when buying a home. And we have purchased many homes over the years. Hugs to you Tammy Jo and Cindi and to all of your team for helping us find our beautiful home in Michigan.
    Gemma O'Donnell
  • Carl Smith
    We had a great experience with TJ Homes. Both TJ personally and her staff were highly focused on selling our house. TJ's methodology preparing house for the sale, pricing, marketing truly produced results that exceeded our expectations. We put a lot of work preparing the house, but TJ's team had us focus on the right things. No wasted time or effort. I highly recommend her services.
    Carl Smith
  • Rachel Guerrero
    Buying a home with TJ Homes was an absolute pleasure! We worked directly with the wonderful Tish and cannot express enough how knowledgeable, attentive, and sincere she was throughout the whole process and still is! We were feeling super discouraged before working with them and I can't believe I can actually say that buying a home was somehow easy??? We would likely still be looking for a home and feeling quite miserable if we hadn't been recommended this wonderful bunch. Thank you Tish, Tammy Jo, and the rest of the TJ Homes crew for everything you do! To anyone hoping to buy, if we can do it, you can do it. TJ Homies 4ever 💜
    Rachel Guerrero
  • Kayla Matteson
    The entire Tammy Jo team is amazing and incredibly helpful in the buying and selling process. We could not have survived this market without this amazing team! We are loving our new house and can’t wait to finish settling in.
    Kayla Matteson
  • Rosanna Mooney
    This amazing team worked around my hectic schedule and gave me the bast chance to find my new home, very friendly and willing to look at 6 houses back to back! On a scale of 1 to 5 stars they get a 10 would highly recommend to anyone I know looking to buy a new home!
    Rosanna Mooney
  • Michelle Breckon
    This is absolutely the best team to work with. They're always available to help, they're friendly, there are no stupid questions (and trust me, I've asked some that are up there). They make selling and buying SO EASY. I would never want to work with anyone else on this process.
    Michelle Breckon
  • Vivian Delgado
    This team is excellent! Always available for any questions/ concerns. Tish is very helpful and even after closing in my home is always willing to answer any questions i have. Highly recommend.
    Vivian Delgado
  • Abbey Koessel
    We stumbled upon this team accidentally and it turned out to be the best experience we could have asked for. Cindi went above and beyond our expectations and worked through all the ups and downs that come with buying a home. She made sure we always understood what was going on and truly had our best interest in mind. This entire team is amazing to work with and I would recommend them to anybody. They made buying our first home easy and successful!!
    Abbey Koessel
  • Kim Whitley
    I definitely refer Tammy Jo and her team for selling / buying a home…..
    Kim Whitley
  • Jeffrey Cerminaro
    We appreciate the effort and work that was put to sell our home and the excellent service and constantly answering questions from us. Hope we cross our paths in the future.
    Jeffrey Cerminaro
  • tim tierney
    I first heard about Tammy Jo from Dave Ramsey’s ELP list. Tammy Jo returned my call immediately, but I did not sell at that time. I chose to lease it instead. Fast forward a few years, circumstances changed and I decided to sell. I had no idea how much home prices had gone up in such a short amount of time. Coincidentally one of those “Let me buy your house” people contacted me with a low ball offer. The difference between his offer was and what Tammy Jo was able to sell the house for is shown in the picture below. Tammy Jo is a true professional, and incredibly patient. I will hire her to handle any of my real estate needs in the future.
    tim tierney
  • Chris Suitter
    Tammy Jo and her entire team were exceptional. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them. We were out of town buyers and they were extremely accommodating of our schedule and helped us with Michigan specific nuances that we were unfamiliar with. Highly recommend!
    Chris Suitter
  • Kayla Stadtfeld
    Working with TJ Homes has been absolutely fantastic!!
    Kayla Stadtfeld
  • Kaitlyn Gould
    Our first home buying experience went seamless and we are still in love with our home a year later!
    Kaitlyn Gould
  • Nathaniel Hedrick (Real Estate RPH)
    Easy to work with and EXCELLENT when it comes to timely communication. A team I'm happy to come back to each time I need help.
    Nathaniel Hedrick (Real Estate RPH)